PB Clermont TM

European leader in Spherical propellants since 1850

PB CLERMONT traces its roots back to 1850 when the first Belgian black powder factory was founded by G. Hilgers & Co in Clermont-sous-Huy. The company became S.A. Poudreries Réunies de Belgique in 1919 and started to produce spherical powders in 1952. It was at the time the first company to produce spherical powders in Europe. PRB was renamed PB CLERMONT™ in 1990 when thecompany was acquired by the SNPE Group and became a subsidiary of EURENCO when the European company was created in 2004.

The PB CLERMONT™ brand has now expanded its presence throughout Europe, Middle-East, Asia and the Americas, becoming one of the world’ s most famous small caliber propellant brands. PB Clermont is the reference for many leading ammunition manufacturers for their Defense, Security and Civil ammunition ranges. PB CLERMONT™ has also continuously expanded its production capacity to remain Europe’s largest producer of spherical powders and n°2 worldwide. Further investments are ongoing to maintain its leading position in the coming years.

The brand is especially recognized for its high quality powders and excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility. Our laboratories and ballistic test range ensure quality control at all steps of the production process through microcalorimetric controls for powder life expectancy and ballistic stability, manometric bomb tests and a wide range of physico-chemical and metrological analysis. Moreover, our team of highly skilled scientists, engineers and techniciansprovide our customers with a strong technical support and a high level of customization whatever your new project.

Spherical powders’ advantages

Spherical powders are double base smokeless powders containing nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin. They are produced under a water process providing a high production rate and excellent Safety. They also provide low barrel wear d ue, to a lower flame temperature, and reduced hygroscopicity.

Spherical powders are the most common powders used for many applications:

  • Defense & Security: 5,56mm to 20mm ammunition as well as mortar propellants,

  • Hunting & Sports: rifles and pistols ammunition,

  • Reloading: rifle, handgun and shotshell powders for shooters enthusiasts,

  • Industry: Power tools and Cattle killing cartridges.

New green propellant technologies

Protection of Human Health and the Environment is of paramount concern in present-day industrial developments. That’s why PB CLERMONT™ intends to reduce the presence of harmful chemicals in its propellants. The research works of our R&D team in those fields have been rewarded in many symposia and are available for our ammunition partners.

100% of our range is REACH compatible as PB CLERMONT™ has worked proactively on the replacement of the REACH substances. First qualifications with our clients started as soon as in 2010.

We are now developing advanced green propellants with a focus on replacing deterrents and stabilizers by better alternatives combining the “green factor” and improved ballistic stability performances. Advanced green propellants are only one example of our R&D developments for the small caliber ammunition industry. Contact us for more information!