Bofors Powders TM

Alfred Nobel’s legacy and extruded propellants specialist since 1894

Innovative, creative, visionary, new thinking. Few people can answer to this description better than Alfred Nobel, the man behind BOFORS POWDERS™. Nobel was always ahead of his time, a unique man who changed the world. BOFORS POWDERS is a part of Alfred Nobel’s legacy since 1894 when he bought AB Bofors in Karlskoga (Sweden). Surrounded by his spirit of innovation, we continue to develop and manufacture the highest quality of propellant, in the very same location where Nobel once built his laboratory. Like our founder, we too strive to be the best, to look forward and to be the one that leads the way…

BOFORS has developed world class powders for more than 100 years, pioneering the development and manufacture of new propellants for small caliber ammunition in the Hunting, Sport, Reloading and Defence & Security markets.

Now a brand of EURENCO, BOFORS POWDERS™ continues to develop customized powders for the world’s leading brands of premium and accurate long-range ammunition. Our products are qualified and used by many well-known security and armed forces around the globe. Enthusiasts and professional shooters also love our powders for their extreme lot-to-lot consistency and flowability, making reloading easy.

Specialized in customized extruded propellants for maximum performance

BOFORS POWDERS offer an extensive range of extruded propellants. The grain geometry and composition for each propellant type is designed to meet the required characteristics for the chosen application, including excellent chemical and ballistic stability.

When customizing, our ambition is to develop propellants that create the right pressure, maximize velocity and optimize temperature independence, helping you make unique ammunition with exceptional accuracy and performance.

Manufacturing products of the highest quality requires 100 % control. At BOFORS POWDERS, 100 % control is our policy! Our quality and ballistic performance meet the strict requirements from both civilian and military customers. Moreover, BOFORS POWDERS™ are 100 % REACH compliant.


are used by the world’s leading reloaders and ammunition manufacturers. Minimal barrel wear combined with superior velocity, accuracy and consistency are the reasons why we are the preferred partner of our customers.

TempZero (TZ) - trusted by the best, in all temperatures

Now our team of experts have taken huge steps forward in propellant performance and have developed TempZero (TZ), a totally new family of propellants with temperature independence. With BOFORS POWDERS™’ TZ technology, your hit rate will be outstanding, both in ambient, hot and cold climates… Contact us for more information!