About Eurenco Group


EURENCO is the European leader in Energetic materials for strategic markets: Defense, Security, Space, Oil & Gas. The European group has a turnover of more than €220M and 800 employees in France, Sweden, Belgium and USA. Its product range includes explosives, propellants and combustible items for land, naval and aerospace applications. 


EURENCO owns two of the world’s best small caliber propellants brands: BOFORS POWDERSTM and PB CLERMONTTM. They have developed world class powders for more than 100 years. Their current product range includes hundreds of spherical and extruded propellants for the Military, Sports, Hunting and Reloading markets from .22 to 20mm. Together, PB CLERMONT™ and BOFORS POWDERS™ have the largest production capacity in Europe (> 2800 MT per year). They are also at the forefront of the development of innovative propellants